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Precision Event Productions (PEP) is a consulting firm that specializes in special event development, management and implementation. PEP seeks a sound management approach to each project keeping within the context of the Client’s special requirements, business history and image.

Our professional services include the following:

- Event Design and Development
- Event Organization:
- Checklist Requirements
- Scheduling Requirements
- Staffing Requirements
- Vendor Services
- Logistic Requirements
- Event Management:
- Site Selection Services
- Planning and Implementation
- Operational Plans
- Electronic Broadcast Management/
     Liaison Services
- Volunteer Program/Management
- Licensing, Concession and
     Catering Requirements
- Talent Treatment
- Strategic Marketing Plans
- Advertising, Promotion and Public
- Sponsorship Sales, Administration
and Implementation

- Budget Requirements
- Legal Requirements
- Licensing and Permit Requirements
- Risk Management Requirements:
- Insurance
- Loss Prevention
- Inventory Control
- Ticketing Requirements
- Employment Requirements
- Office Management Requirements
- Labor Relation Requirements